Air-Flow Marine+ Mattress Information


  • The Ultimate Breathable Mattress
  • Specially Designed for Optimum Comfort Whilst Travelling
  • Orthopaedic Support
  • Highly Breathable - Uniquely Designed to Breathe Laterally with Humidity Dispersing Layers
  • Removable, Washable Covers - Click here to find out more


Caravan and Motor Home bed construction doesn’t allow air to circulate sufficiently and escape vertically down as it would on a domestic bed, which results in hot sweaty nights. Our Air-Flow Marine+ mattresses incorporate specifically designed layers to create the most breathable mattress available!

Designed with DRY-Mat®, the market leading anti-condensation layer built in on the top surface and exposed sides, a built-in foam topper in a comfort grade of your choice with integrated breather channels, and a breather panel to aid ventilation in the mattress cover.

As you sleep you perspire, DRY-Mat® allows your body and bedding to breathe while the breather channels actively funnel the humid air away from your body. The breather panel in the removable mattress cover allows this to hot air to escape vertically, leaving you cosy and fresh all night. 

We have two variations of Air-Flow Marine+®; the Pocket Sprung Core and the 3D Independent Foam Core. The pocket core offers the ultimate combination of home comfort on board, breathability and support. The foam core offers a lightweight alternative with the same orthopaedic support as a sprung mattress.


Pocket Sprung Core

The Air-Flow Marine+ Sprung Core mattress is the only memory foam & pocket sprung mattress specially designed for optimum breathability. The combination of orthopaedic pocket springs with the additional ‘sink-in’ comfort of a memory foam topper gives you the ultimate support and comfort for true relaxation. Unlike other Memory Foam mattresses, our patented design prevents over-heating and leaves you feeling cool, comfortable and supported. Find out more about our top of the range sprung mattress here!



3D Independent Foam Core

The Air-Flow Marine+ Foam Core is the only foam mattress which gives the same orthopaedic support as a pocket sprung and is designed to be lightweight - ideal for caravans and motorhomes. The combination of orthopaedic “pocket foam” and luxurious Reflex Foam gives you the ultimate support and comfort without the weight of a standard sprung mattress. Our cutting-edge 3D independent “pocket foam” adapts to your unique profile, giving you tailored orthopaedic support and keeping your body in optimum alignment. An anti-roll firm grade foam edging strengthes the sides and the mattress is handmade to your exact bed shape for a precise fit. Click here to find out more about our top of the range foam mattress!MarineFoamLabels

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