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Stops Condensation

Under Mattresses


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Stops Condensation Under
Mattresses & Cushions

- Stops Condensation Under Mattresses        - Quick & Easy To Fit
 - Cost Effective            - Reduces Damp, Musty Smells




DRY-Mat 1m x 2m Perfect for a single bed
2m x 1m
£ 45
DRY-Mat 1.5m x 2m (about 4 foot 11 inches wide) Ideal for double or an island bed.
2m x 1.5m
£ 59
DRY-Mat 2.1m x 2m (about 7 foot wide) can do 3 single beds or other multiples
2m x 2.1m
£ 79


DRY-Mat Customer Reviews

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Stops Condensation Under Mattresses.... Increases Comfort Too !.....
DRY-Mat Anti-Condensation Layer DRY-Mat Anti-Condensation Layer

DRY-Mat is the easiest and most effective way to combat condensation and damp under your mattress.

DRY-Mat is a mattress underlay, made up of thousands of micro springs which creates a layer of ventilation between your mattress and the bed base. This allows the warm air to circulate, stopping the build-up of condensation and damp.

DRY-Mat has none of the disadvantages of slats, is cost effective, and takes just 5 minutes to fit.

The results are astounding!

Read Our Customer Reviews

                              “The product solved the problem of    condensation that had plagued us for years and left    surfaces dry”
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Click Here To Read More About DRY-Mat and How it Works

DRY-Mat is available in 3 pre-cut sizes that can be easily fitted to any size bed by simply trimming with kitchen scissors.